Mobile Footer


The Mobile Footer is a sticky placement that appears on mobile across the site. On desktop, this unit serves as the Right Rail.

  • Banners may contain video, HTML5 animation, and/or static images.
  • Banner creative must be provided for both breakpoints.

Example Ad Unit Screenshot

Technical Specifications

Banner Size n/a n/a 320x50
Accepted Media n/a n/a JPG, GIF
Delivery n/a n/a Site Served or 3rd Party
Max Static File Size n/a n/a 50KB
Animation Allowed n/a n/a No
Looping n/a n/a Unlimited
Expandable n/a n/a No
Audio n/a n/a No
Video n/a n/a No
Timing n/a n/a :30 Seconds Max
Materials Due n/a n/a 7 days prior to launch

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