3-Hit Dedicated Blast



Dedicated blasts are delivered to 350K opt-in subscribers of Playbill.com. The 3-Hit is broken out as follows:

  • Hit 1- Delivered to the full list (350K)
  • Hit 2- Delivered to anyone who did not open Hit 1
  • Hit 3- Delivered to anyone who opened Hit 1 or Hit 2 but did not click

Availability for Site Targeting

Technical Specifications

Banner Size 600 Wide N/A N/A
Accepted Media HTML Document N/A N/A
Delivery Email Email Email

Create a 600px wide HTML table and include image tags within the table OR submit a 600px image with a click through link and plain text.
Image files should be submitted as separate attachments and labeled for ease of identification.
Submit subject line (recommended 41-60 characters or 7-9 words) and pre-header text.
Images should be in JPG or GIF format and the total file size of all images combined must not exceed 200K.
HTML must be exactly 600 pixels wide.
Additional Details
  • Each Hit must be a week apart
  • Creative may remain the same, but subject line must change for each Hit
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