The Brandscape is a site-served custom unit that gets added to the top of the homepage.

  • Brandscapes are site-served only and we cannot accept third-party tags for this unit.
  • Brandscapes may contain animation or static images.
  • Brandscapes must be provided as JPG or GIF files with accompanying 1x1 click trackers or click-through URLs.
  • A branded Hex Code may be provided for a background color that will appear on Desktop/Tablet (but will not appear on Mobile).
  • Brandscape creative must be provided for both breakpoints.

Example Ad Unit Screenshots

Availability for Site Targeting

Technical Specifications

Dimensions 1920x377 1920x377 1920x480
Accepted Media JPG, GIF JPG, GIF JPG, GIF
Delivery Site Served Site Served Site Served
Max Static File Size 200KB 200KB 200KB
Animation Allowed No No No
Looping No No No
Expandable No No No
Audio No No No
Video No No No
Materials Due 7 days prior to launch 7 days prior to launch 7 days prior to launch

Ad Packages That Contain This Ad Unit

Creative Design Requirements

Brandscape creative for Desktop/Tablet (1920x377) MUST adhere to the brandscape creative map (available below), leaving designated negative space for where the Right Rail would obstruct any title treatments or logos. Brandscape creative for Mobile (1920x480) does not need to adhere to the map, and can feature centered artwork.
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