Dedicated Blast


Dedicated blasts are delivered to 380K opt-in subscribers of

  • Dedicated blasts can also be segmented according to geo, engagement or interest.

Example Ad Unit Screenshots

Availability for Site Targeting

Technical Specifications

Banner Size 600 Wide N/A N/A
Accepted Media HTML Document N/A N/A
Delivery Email Email Email
Additional Specs
  • Submit subject line (recommended 41-60 characters or 7-9 words)
  • Create a 600px wide HTML table and include image tags within the table. Image files should be sent as separate attachments and labeled for ease of identification.
  • Images should be in JPG or GIF format and the total file size of all images combined must not exceed 200K.
  • HTML must be exactly 600 pixels wide.
  • HTML coding must not include any background images.
  • CSS should only be used inline. External style sheets and internal style sheets in the head will not be implemented.
  • Font and link attributes will not be implemented from the <BODY> tag and should be inline. <BODY> and <TBODY> tags should not be included in the HTML coding, and will be removed. <DIV> and <P> tags are recommended.
  • Discounted and regular pricing and seating locations must be displayed prominently in the main body of the email.
  • Include text as “alt” text for images or include a text only document.
  • Full list is 380K
  • Emails can be segmented according to geo, engagement or interest.
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