Mobile Parallaxer


The Parallaxer is a high impact unit that shows a banner with a parallax effect - keeping the banner in the background and in the fixed position while a user is scrolling up or down. This unit may be sold as a First Impression Takeover, ROS or Roadblock.

  • Banners may contain video, HTML5 animation, and/or static images.
  • This unit must be approved by the sales contact and Digital Media Team.
  • Scroll behavior can be seen by watching the video linked in the Example Ad Unit Screenshot section below.

Example Ad Unit Screenshot

Availability for Site Targeting

Technical Specifications

Banner Size N/A N/A 300x550
Accepted Media N/A N/A JPG/PNG/GIF+clickthrough URL/1x1 click tracker; HTML5 file; 3P tags
Delivery N/A N/A Site Served or 3rd Party
Max File Size N/A N/A 100 KB
Animation Allowed N/A N/A Yes
Max Animation Time N/A N/A :30 seconds
Looping N/A N/A Unlimited
Expandable N/A N/A No
Audio N/A N/A Click for sound, Play Pause, Mute Button
Video N/A N/A Yes, 24fps min
Materials Due N/A N/A 7 days prior to launch

Excessively distracting creatives (i.e., rapid flashing) are subject to rejection at the discretion of the Digital Media Team.
Demonstration of this ad unit can also be seen here: - if at first it does not appear please ensure you are viewing in mobile mode and then reload a time or two.
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