Custom Video


Our Video team can provide a custom video content piece for your brand. Work with our editorial staff to develop an execution that seamlessly incorporates your brand with Broadway. You will receive 100% Share of Voice of ads on the article page.

  • We will accept press releases and pitches/creative suggestions.
  • The video will be included and featured in that day’s Playbill Post, our email newsletter.
  • The video will be included in the ‘Most Popular’ stories panel in our site’s Right Rail.
  • The video will be shared on the Playbill social media accounts.
  • The video can receive a paid ‘boost’ on Facebook and Instagram – see in our suggested paired products for more information.
  • Banners may contain video, HTML5 animation, and/or static images.
  • Banner creative must be provided for all breakpoints.

Availability for Site Targeting

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