Mobile Leaderboard


The Mobile Leaderboard is a sticky placement that appears on mobile across the site. On desktop, this unit serves as the Right Rail. It may appear at the top or bottom of the screen depending on the section placement.

  • Banners may contain video, HTML5 animation, and/or static images.
  • Banner creative must be provided for both breakpoints.

Example Ad Unit Screenshot

Technical Specifications

Banner Size n/a n/a 320x50
Accepted Media n/a n/a JPG, GIF
Delivery n/a n/a Site Served or 3rd Party
Max Static File Size n/a n/a 50KB
Animation Allowed n/a n/a No
Looping n/a n/a Unlimited
Expandable n/a n/a No
Audio n/a n/a No
Video n/a n/a No
Timing n/a n/a :30 Seconds Max
Materials Due n/a n/a 7 days prior to launch

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